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Colourfully tipped, striped, curly and wispy, dahlias come in a dazzling array of colours and styles. They serve as the inspiration for Shakera’s newest collection, bringing the graceful beauty of the dahlia to life in a range of stunning scarves and ponchos.

For lifestyle brand Shaku, it all begins with nature. Founder and designer, Shakera Tayub’s love of the natural world urges her to set pen, pencil - and paint - to paper. A skilled artist, her sketch books are filled with unique and beautifully detailed artworks of plant and flowers captured in incredible detail. From these, the collection of luxury scarves - wearable works of art - are created.

A celebration of femininity and uncompromising craftsmanship, the Shaku collection combines Shakera’s skilled hand-drawn artistry with unrivalled print technology. Made with the finest quality threads and printed with premium dyes the brand was a year in the making before coming to life in the prestigious factories of Como, Italy. With unparalleled attention to detail, the line-up boasts a range of designs rendered in silk, wool, cashmere, modal and georgette.

The London-based brand is synonymous with time-honored techniques, tradition and modernity, and is in line with slow fashion. Sophisticated designs have multi-generational appeal and are heirlooms to be passed down, not discarded within a season. Immune to fleeting, passing trends, they are intended to be loved and worn for decades to come. In limited edition runs but with a one-size-fits-all approach, Shaku is envisioned to be worn in multiple styles, folded into a triangle and knotted in the neckline of a cashmere sweater; tied as a bandana or looped around the handles of a classic handbag. The collection puts the needs and personality of the wearer at the fore; making the possibilities endless. “My vision is to enrich the individual style of each wearer by expressing an aspect of their personality,” comments Shakera Tayub.

Shaku; a lifestyle brand that weaves luxury with craftmanship, creativity with sustainability.

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