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The Karizma muse shares the brand’s core ideals of a future planet brimming with a positive light.  To uplift people that illuminate the world through their unique identity, authentic self and meaningful stories.  Everything we have learnt through collaborating with the most inspiring individuals on the planet is infused into our brand and designs.  
The brand began as the celebrities in London would request clothes from the young designer for their precious popular culture moments.   The requests grew to custom commissioned projects and later into the namesake ready to wear Label Nikita Karizma.  Her label grew organically out of the London scene & evolved to have an A-lister celebrity cult following. 
Today, the brand is known for designs that are manifesting positive light & celebrating individuality.  With her signature style aesthetic inspired by the glamour of the Bollywood film industry in Mumbai & the rebellious undercurrent of London, she develops her style season upon season.   Nikita grew up in a three-generation retail family business specialising in the Indian saree.  Transcending age, body type and social status, the saree is accessible to women from all walks of life inspiring Nikita to create a label celebrating unique identity with a new generation of influence as she continues to pursue her visionary outlook towards the future. 

Highlights of her fashion journey include dressing Paris Hilton for her music video with Kim Kardashian West.  Lady Gaga launched her meaningful book 'Channel Kindness’ with her mother wearing Nikita Karizma.   Kylie Jenner, Winnie Harlow, Shilpa Shetty, Lady Gaga and Shay Mitchell are some of the most influential celebrities that wear Nikita Karizma.
Our Values

Influenced by a Humanitarian approach to design, we are encouraged to find peace in the journey through the service of giving back.  

We take scraps from our studio to turn into tote bags for charity as part of our Low-Waste project.  Profits from sales are planted into trees for our 1 million mission with the Love Peace Harmony foundation with 250,000 trees planted to date.  We donated 20,000 face masks during the pandemic to support local communities.  The studio supports the Sathira Dhammasathan in Bangkok, a buddhist sanctuary run by 60 female nuns rehabilitating women from prisons & domestic suffering.  With a love for empowering women, the studio supports Sakhi for Girls education, a charity supporting girls living in Mumbai slums.

The only thing that makes sense through the chaos is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.  

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