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Founded in 2012 by siblings Susanne & Andreas Holzweiler, Norwegian fashion house Holzweiler fuses seamless design with effortless functionality. 

Focused on creating timeless pieces, the brand draws inspiration from art, architecture, nature, and contemporary culture. Originally gaining attention via silk, lambswool & cashmere scarf collections, the brand expanded to ready-to-wear in 2014, enlisting Maria Skappel Holzweiler as Creative Director. The brand’s reverence for its Norwegian roots can be felt in its leading product categories; outerwear and winter accessories and a respect for nature informs the brand’s commitment to conscious practice, with sustainable design, production and technical innovation informing all products. 

Holzweiler’s ethos is inherently collaborative; with artists and other creative collaborators welcomed to elevate and inspire Holzweiler’s work. Holzweiler has worked with a long list of international creatives, musicians, and icons, contributing to positive movement – both in terms of social impact and sustainability. With collections focused on attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, Holzweiler continues to channel seasonless ideals and craftsmanship. 

Holzweiler’s distribution network includes its own Snøhetta-designed stores and e-commerce website, as well as a presence in leading multi-brand boutiques and retailers around the world including Net-A-Porter, SSENSE, Neiman Marcus, and Galeries Lafayette China. In addition to its seasonal collections, the brand expanded its universe to include a lifestyle offering in 2021 with the opening of Holzweiler Platz; a dining destination sitting within the brand’s Oslobukta retail space, encouraging moments of connection and coming together that brings to life the family’s passion for food. 

In 2022, Holzweiler entered an ambitious strategic partnership with Sequoia Capital China to expand its global direct-to-consumer business through physical and digital retail solutions, including a programme of store openings in key markets such as China and the UK.

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