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Jessie Western are pioneers of sustainable fashion, renowned for keeping an authentic truth throughout the brand’s history. Jessie Western’s shop has been a destination for over 18 years in London’s Portobello Road. Fans from all over the world come to visit the recognised collection of rare Native American Indian Jewellery, hand- crafted bags, real cowboy boots, belts and custom made hats.Jessie Western’s iconic loom-woven wool Native American Indian college fund blanket coats are a strong selling focus, year after year. 
All woven blankets are still made in the US and constructed in our Notting Hill studio. Each piece has a message that echoes the history of the native people, the canyon land and prairies of the west.Keeping all products made of natural fibres is of great importance to Jessie Western, making smaller collections to avoid waste and being able to create custom made one-offs is one of the attractions of Jessie Western’s hand made ready-to-wear.Every collection has a strong story and meaning behind the carefully crafted prints that carry a distinct personality, as all the art work is personally hand drawn, painted and designed by Jessie, in London and made in Notting Hill. Jessie Western work directly with the Native American Indian artists for over 27 years ,we know the artists personally who make the power animal necklace and jewellery and go to the reservations every year .
Jessie, who has been designing/making clothes since aged 11, has a love for fabric design, music, survival, natural beauty & hidden places.
Having studied at Saint Martins college and lived all over the USA, spending over 27 years working personally with Native American Indian artists. Vicky, sister 
and partner in Jessie Western, also studied art at Chelsea Art college in Fine Art and has flair for eclectic style and presentation. Together, this Dynamic Duo have created a world famous store, clothing, accessory and boot brand that has a strong western influence with high quality made-to-last ethic.
SS21 collections are hand drawn and designed by Jessie on silk , the dresses are made and printed in London . This season the  thunderbird eagle 
print is drawn by 
Jessie symbolises  rising up and  embracing new  things.The wolf  print represents finding new paths
and options and
believing in yourself . 
Everything is made in Jessie Western’s Nottinghill studio.  

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