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Taking place from Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June, LFW June aims to ignite a cultural moment in London, providing a platform for diverse British designers and brands with a focus on the depth and breadth of menswear businesses in the UK. In line with the year-long celebrations of the 40th anniversary of LFW the new concept will spotlight London’s position as a world leading cultural capital and amplify its creative community. The ambition for LFW June going forward is to provide a platform for designer businesses and the different cultures and communities who have made a rich and significant contribution to the British fashion industry.

On Friday 7th June, as part of the new format, the BFC will take over the Institute of Contemporary Arts and host a curated programme which will include an exhibition, panel discussions and cultural events informed by the first three cultures the BFC has chosen to spotlight this season. In collaboration with three guest curators, the BFC will explore Black culture centred around self-love; South Asian culture with focus on pattern, textile and craftsmanship; and queer culture, with a spotlight on young creative voices from the trans community. Rooted in London, storytelling will focus on British brands and designers, as well as personal stories from a variety of communities within these cultures. In celebration of LFW40, there will be a retrospective installation that celebrates the success of LFW and the important role it plays globally at the intersection of culture.

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