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PATRICK MCDOWELL is an independent brand based in the heart of London. Founded in 2018 by designer Patrick McDowell, the brand has solidified itself as a leading voice on the global fashion stage that embodies the designer’s mission for reinventing luxury through a sustainable mindset. McDowell's Pieces are available made to order and limited edition, crafted in London.  

After graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins, McDowell has strived to reinvent the role of a fashion designer as we know it today. Showcasing his debut collection at London Fashion Week in 2018, the designer has since captivated the industry whilst gaining the recognition of titans who share Patrick’s vision for redesigning and creating an accessible circular solution and system that creativity can flourish within.

Underpinning all that McDowell does is the designer’s critical belief in the power of community and craftsmanship. Through the combination of traditional techniques and designing with moral practice whilst equally enabling brands and their teams the tools they need to create lasting change, brings together McDowell's statement that collaboration provides collective creative success.

 Throughout the designer’s career trajectory, McDowell has always remained a storyteller. Incorporating both the designer’s history and advocacy for inspiring long-term meaningful impact through the pivotal narratives he presents within his collections. Timeless, elegant, collaborative, and political, McDowell's world stitches together a pioneering message of both resilience and beauty.


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A Tragedy of Fashion

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Patrick McDowell SS24 Runway Video.

Patrick McDowell SS24 Runway Video.

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