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LRPN, Laura Pino, is a luxury leather accessories brand, designed in London and handmade in Italy. Alighted in London from the southern Italian island of dreamscapes and vendetta, LRPN aspires to not only reflect this era’s culture, but help shape it too. Her vision stems from the belief accessories are more than just complementary objects to women’s outfits, taking center stage instead, and functioning as undisputed protagonists of the fashion conversation. Empowering women through her military-chic designs, LRPN wears like an armour, a ‘shelter’ that protects but also enhances the natural shape of women’s bodies. All bodies.
LRPN is more than luxury accessories simply echoing the past: each building piece becomes a new, bold acces-story, projected into the future, by generating a sustainable long-term fashion and allowing the individual to create their own unique style.

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Resurrection Collection

R01 Corset

R02 Belt

R03 Modular Bag

R04 Utility Bag

R05 Harness

R06 Wallet

R07 Hand Bag

R08 Belt



LRPN Resurrection Collection

LRPN Resurrection Collection


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LRPN Laura Pino