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Leo Carlton (they/them) combines VR sculpts, 3D scanning and printing with a test-lab of biomaterials. A transparent exploration into the convergence of the digital and physical realms with sustainable and renewable realities. Using 3D scans of a head, face or body lends to a bespoke process where using technology and natural plant based materials produces a wearable and ecologically-friendly outcome . This process is inclusive of all bodies.

The brand sets out to be a solution focused voice for education, debate, aspiration, inspiration and accountability. Leo hopes the work can be a positive proof of implementing and aiming for circular economies.

 Seeking the balance between the technological and the natural, exploring the development of new forms of creation consistent with the current biopolitical landscape- they seek to generate new future imaginations around the implementation of organic materials within the context of hyper consumption and production. 

Heavily lead by 3D printing and biofilament properties and limitations, Leo’s design approach is fluid and they treat it like a purge, meditation and daily ritual to combat the vast design possibilities. They wanted a way of working fluidly to develop 3D ideas and virtual reality is the perfect way to capture a drawing line that would be difficult to copy on any other 3D digital software. The goal is to fit each physical piece within a modular format, allowing a client to use pre-printed head fittings or body parts which can then be customized with varying screw on objects. 

Graduating from Cordwainers, LCF in 2014, Leo worked at Stephen Jones Millinery for four years and has since collaborated with many other creatives, including Charles Jeffrey, Dilara Findikoglu, Richard Quinn, Paolina Russo, Tim Walker, Hungry. Leo has shown at Paris Premiere Classe and London Fashion Week On/Off, was a finalist at International Talent Support, and has been featured in Another Man magazine, British Vogue, Vogue Italia and LOVE magazine. Leo is a former studio tenant and alumni of the Sarabande Foundation, the charity established by the late designer Lee Alexander McQueen. Leo is also currently a member of the British Hat Guild and a Showstudio collaborator.

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