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Nicholas Daley

Nicholas Daley is a Menswear brand based in London that works with recognised artisans creating bespoke textiles and fabric finishes. Supported by the British Fashion Council NEWGEN designer program and showcasing the collections during London Fashion Week, the brand reached the finals of the LVMH 2020 finals in Paris this year.

Manufactured in the U.K., the brand’s unique offering speaks to the past as much as it does to the present: workwear-inspired silhouettes meet bespoke tailoring and find form in patch worked trousers, traditional Scottish checks, tie-dyed knitwear, and graphic t-shirts. Sold internationally and with music playing a defining role throughout the label’s oeuvre, each collection explores the symbiotic relationship between fashion, jazz, reggae, post-punk, and dub. Fashion and music are inextricably linked as both are mutually embedded in culture and share a sensory experience. 

Nicholas Daley has also collaborated with iconic brands such as Adidas and Fred Perry whilst stocked globally in notable stores such as Dover Street Market, Mr Porter and International Gallery Beams. With a great presence in London, the brand has a reputable relation with press from highly respected outlets such as GQ, Vogue, Dazed and I-D Magazine.

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Autumn/Winter 21 Forgotten Fury

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