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Lueder presents the Autumn/Winter Collection 2024 at Berlin Fashion Week
The MONO-MYTH collection draws inspiration from the hero's journey, translating various stages
of the adventure into innovative designs. Menswear essentials are reimagined as functional
armour, offering holistic protection for the wearer's body, mind, and soul. Core materials such as
denim, jersey, and eco-nylon serve as metaphors for the past, present, and future, embodying
Lueder's commitment to sustainability.
Through the generous support of custom dye techniques by Tintoria Emiliana, the collection
features hand-finished dyes on signature pieces, including engineered flare jeans, armour hoodies,
Tank tops, sweaters, and classic joggers as well as customized and repurposed Vibram 5-finger
shoes. The color palette reflects stages of burning wood, symbolizing cycles of fire, ashes, and
regeneration found in nature mixed with dark petrol colors, pink, stripes of blood red and black in
their iconic engineered knit, and greys and blacks for the reworked ideas of the LUEDER suits.
Central to Lueder's philosophy is community collaboration. Partnering with various partners like
Vibram 5 Fingers on Footwear, and artists like Mia Violet (Airbrush), 4FSB (Caps), Tim Heyduck
(Art Direction & Creative Consulting,) Théo Casciani and Esther Mejbowski (myth building and
Graphic design), Tom Schneider (Show design), Rat Section (Music) and Marius Perraud

As the hero progresses through SUN AT NIGHT, navigating shadows and light, Lueder's MONO-
MYTH collection is a reality myth, fostering positivity, unity, and healing. Experience this

transformative journey at the Berlin Fashion Week, where Lueder showcases her collection not as
a performance but as a groundbreaking fashion show, marking a significant milestone in her career
styled by Tati Cotliar with Casting by Emma Matell.
Biographie Marie Lueder
Renowned for her unique vision, designer Marie Lueder will debut the autumn/winter 2024
collection MONO-MYTH at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. Born in Hamburg and hailing from
a family of health practitioners, Lueder's fashion narrative is marked by accentuated knee panels,
dual-tone denim, and recurring spiral motifs, reflecting her fascination with the anxieties of modern
life. Lueder, the founder of her eponymous label established in 2019, describes her clothing as
metaphorical armor inspired by the challenges of mental obstacles. Having studied fashion design
in Hamburg and earned a Master's in Menswear from the Royal College of Arts in London, Lueder
has garnered swift recognition, appearing at the London Fashion Week and forging partnerships
with esteemed retailers like Browns.
Pressekontakt: Stephanie Johne | [email protected] |

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LUEDER AW24 Catwalk Berlin Contemporary x Intervention by Reference Studios

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