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Maria Grachvogel is a true fashion visionary and digital artist.

Putting the woman at the heart of her work, her belief is that the real story of each piece begins when it becomes a part of your life and wardrobe, so every aspect is highly considered.

Working directly on the body, thinking about how the woman interacts with the clothes, how it will be worn, styled, and used to make each piece work for you. 

The legendary ‘Grachvogel cut’ champions body inclusivity, working across all shapes to sculpt and enhance your body and confidence. Innovative, thoughtful design offers endless versatility with garments that can be worn and styled in different ways. Clever choice of fabrics take each piece effortlessly from day to night, ensuring effortless elegance for the modern woman.

Prints are not created as fabric, but as Artworks. Working in perfect harmony with the design of the piece and your body, they create truly inimitable works of art. This unique process cannot be mass produced, so each piece is individually crafted and numbers of each design highly limited.

The power of this approach is the longevity in a woman’s wardrobe. Style over trend: With craft and quality taking centre stage. Grachvogel pieces are loved, treasured, repaired, and passed down to the next generation, creating magical memories along the way.

Each collection offers limited edition new pieces that are timeless and seasonless, designed to work with what came before.

Partnering with select boutiques and through our own retail presence, we ensure unparalleled exclusivity to our customers through our slow fashion approach. Cut and made in London, we oversee every aspect of a garments life to focus on longevity and minimise waste.

Maria Grachvogel’s work has been featured in many prestigious publications, exhibited at the V&A and has, over three decades, become a secret of the world’s most stylish women.

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