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APUJAN is a London-based womenswear label founded by designer Apu Jan, debuting in Autumn/Winter 2013 London Fashion Week. 

The designs are renowned for integrating patterns and knitwear techniques to illustrate themes inspired by fantasy and literature. The juxtaposition of traditional and oriental elements with a contemporary twist, and the interweaving of bold and casual elements are at the heart of APUJAN’s unique style and have become the hallmarks of the label. 

The inspiration for the designs came from many different places, often associated with books, space fantasy, and imagination of the past. Each season, inspired by a list of books, Apu Jan creates a story containing his favourite elements, leading the audience to experience the fantasy world of his imagination. Surrounded by beautiful material, elements such as fossils of dinosaurs, roses, sheep, and space-related objects could often be found in APUJAN designs, threading through the stories of every season.

APUJAN design can often be seen on the cover of many influential magazines in Asia, such as Vogue and ELLE. Many Asian actresses also chose APUJAN on the red carpet and as their preferred brand. APUJAN had attracted international media attention. It was the top 10 culture and creative brands in Taiwan, and the designer was one of the GQ Men of the Year, Taiwan. The collections were featured in major fashion and design publications including Vogue, GQ, ELLE, Bazaar, and WALLPAPER. Furthermore, APUJAN designs were shown at the La Cite de la Dentelle et de la mode in Calais, France; and showroom during Paris Fashion Week.

Outside of runway collection, APUJAN had collaborated with various industries by utilizes the storytelling method to connect with different audiences: such as In-flight loungewear for EVA airline, branding for Kuo Yuan Ye, a traditional oriental pastry company, the costumes for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Samsung's store uniforms around the world and the series of package design for McDonald’s.

APUJAN collection can be found from the official online shop ( store.apujan.com ). Part of the designs is also displayed and sold in selected stores in Taipei and London.

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Autumn / Winter 2022 The Ballad of A Story Keeper

Autumn/ Winter 2022 The Ballad...

Autumn/ Winter 2022 The Ballad...

Autumn/ Winter 2022 The Ballad...

Autumn Winter 2022 The Ballad ...



APUJAN Autumn Winter 2022...
APUJAN Spring Summer 2023...
APUJAN Autumn Winter 2023...

APUJAN Autumn Winter 2022 "The Ballad of A Story Keeper"

APUJAN Spring Summer 2023 "Fantasy Hotel in the Sky"

APUJAN Autumn Winter 2023 "The Other End of Nowhere"





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