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Helen Anthony continuously strives to innovate and bring you the most cutting edge fashions and designs. This is what we are known for and we combine it with the finest tailoring and clothes to produce a high-end product that will adapt to the body and make you stand proud from the crowd. 

Helen Anthony has achieved huge global success in forging its way towards a global fashion presence. The recognition and reception we have received from the established fashion industry has been resounding and is evidence of the character, design, style, and quality of the garments and accessories we produce. Creative director Anthony design his own fabric design with the collaboration of British luxury mills.

Helen Anthony has released six full collections onto the world stage, including two appearances at Milan Fashion week, one in New York and three in London Fashion Week and a stand at the world's largest fashion expose, Pitti Uomo in Florence. We have an established collaboration and store presence with Maurice Sedwell of Savile Row in London and an official sponsorship from the world’s most prestigious mill, Huddersfield Fine Worsted.

To underpin these achievements, we have been working hard to keep Helen Anthony within the industry consciousness and as a result have been endorsed and praised in the pages of the world’s largest fashion titles such as GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle.  

We strive to remain unique in terms of style and fashion, working to represent the rich variety of different cultures, whilst simultaneously remaining fiercely proud of our British heritage and connection to Savile Row.

Helen Anthony puts time and passion into each design, which is a labor of love. We hope you can feel this too.

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Helen Anthony FW'22 LFW R...
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Helen Anthony FW'22 LFW Runway Show

Helen Anthony LFW SS'22 Runway Show

Helen Anthony AW'24-25 LFW Runway Show

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