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London College of Fashion, UAL, has been nurturing creative talent for over a century. With a philosophy of open and inclusive education, LCF encourages students to examine the past and question the present.  Using fashion as a tool to shape lives LCF graduates are encouraged to develop inventive, assertive ideas that challenge social and political agendas.

MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear) and MA Fashion Design Technology (Menswear) are world leading courses that challenge the conventions of fashion design, producing some of the industry's most progressive designers and labels including Olivia Rubens, Barbra Kolasinski, Bethany Williams, Harikrishnan and Joao Maraschin.  Encouraging new definitions and notions of fashion practice LCF's MA courses produce a community of critical thinkers, researchers, and practitioners who are responsible, accountable and resourceful. 

This September 2023, LCF opened the doors to its new home at East Bank, the UK’s newest cultural quarter at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. From there, LCF is forging partnerships, opening up opportunities, and creating connections with east London’s schools, community and industry. LCF's new home has brought all of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, from all of its three schools, under one roof for the very first time. In doing so, LCF continues to pioneer how we all consume and practice fashion. Use fashion business, media and design to shape culture, economics, and society. And through fashion, shape lives.   

This year's LCF Postgraduate Class of 2024 London Fashion Week presentation, featuring MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear and Menswear, marks the very first to take place in LCF's new east London home. 

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LAST YEAR'S COLLECTIONS: February LCF Postgraduate Class of 2023 MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear) and MA Fashion Design Technology (Menswear)

Alexander Neil

Chaoting Wang

Chenghjie Dai

Dong Feng

Jerome Henrottin

Jiabao Wu

Luting Chen

Manqi Zhao

Meng Dai

Quanrong Jian

Ruyin Tian

Ting Lan

Xingyu Ren

Xinyi Zhao

Xuehui Wang

Yangyang Li

Yaqi Cheng

Yinghua Wu

Yue Zong

Yuya Xu

Zhongzhi Ding

Zihui Liu

Bella Wynne

Clementine Baldo

Jingya Zeng

Lingxi Zheng

Liwen Liang

Louis Mayhew

Mi-Ji Kim

Mo Xie

Pu Li

Qianru Wang

Sidhant Sudan

Weixin Chen

Xinhe Fang

Xinyu Zhao

Yang yang

Yaqi Shi

Yijin Ge

Zhaoyi Yu

Zhipeng Zhou

Zhiyi Xiong

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