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Through the collaboration of the well-established award winning Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Kolchagov and the visionary influence of the Italian entrepreneur  Emilio Barba, KolchagovBarba is set to create a new meaning of luxury.
Creations which see the use of Swarovski, hand woven lace and the most exquisite luxurious fabrics, texture and materials, all combined to create garments crafted exclusively by hand. KolchagovBarba's collections are classics yet explicit, fusing elegance to seduction in an elaborate and refined way. 

Sumptuous corsets and lavish skirts leave space to openwork fabric, patterned with open holes and crystals. Inspired by the subtle modelling of forms and the atmospheric illusionism of the woman's body, KolchagovBarba plays a very enigmatic game with the use of embroideries and fine laces.

KolchagovBarba sees dresses as unique piece of jewellery cast to decorate, enhance and embrace women's bodies, combining classic with modern fashion into glamorous and sophisticated designs.

Kolchagov Barba has already attracted a number of celebrity followers, with stars like Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Katherine Jenkins, Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Billie Piper and Katie Piper being spotted in their designs. 

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