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Designed by Solange Azagury-Partridge, the first Hotlips ring was created in 1995 as the embodiment of the perfect lipstick on a beautiful, kissable mouth. Originally inspired by four classic lipstick colours - Classic Red, Nude, Bubblegum Pink and Black Cherry - these icons remain some of our best sellers to this day.
Instantly beloved by press and celebrities, the Hotlips has been featured in top publications and seen on the the world's most stylish women. In 2008, the Classic Red Hotlips was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum for their permanent jewellery collection.
The collection has since expanded to include a myriad of pop colours, patterns, and precious materials; each release as unique as the individual wearer.

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Hotlips By Solange 2023
Hotlips Summer 2023

Hotlips By Solange 2023

Hotlips Summer 2023