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Established in 2016 by Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, Le Monde Beryl creates classic accessories with a contemporary sensibility. At once practical and elegant, Le Monde Beryl offers new takes on essential designs, from Mary Janes and Venetian gondolier slippers to riding hats and bespoke jewellery. Furniture is the latest addition to the Le Monde Beryl universe. 

Rooted in the spirit of adventure, every collection celebrates a unique decorative tradition from around the globe, with influences ranging from ancient Egyptian scrolls to the ornate metalwork of the Byzantine Empire. Handcrafted in Florence by master artisans using age-old techniques, Le Monde Beryl’s pieces combine simple, sensible silhouettes with velvets, suedes, and leathers, as well as intricate embellishments. Le Monde Beryl has collaborated with Fortuny, Aerin, and Giuliva Heritage, among others.

The name Le Monde Beryl references a family of gemstones, which includes Emerald, Aquamarine, and Morganite, long considered talismanic to travellers and artists. 

Adhering to a less-but-better mindset, our products are thoughtfully made by skilled craftspeople who employ the finest Italian fabrics, with little to no waste. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have collaborated with the UK-based environmentally-conscious fabric studio Cloth Collective on a collection of botanically-dyed natural textiles.
Since the beginning, our packaging has been free of plastic, and our linen bags and cardboard boxes are both recyclable and reusable. 
As a company founded and run by women, Le Monde Beryl is committed to supporting female artisans around the world—from India to the San Blas islands—in an effort to encourage slow fashion and preserve traditional craft and techniques.

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Spring-Summer 2022



Resort '22 Le Monde Beryl...
Le Monde Beryl

Resort '22 Le Monde Beryl x The Cloth Collective

Le Monde Beryl