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This Lebanese designer with show stopping sequin and feather-embellished dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts has taken the industry by storm with her must-have designs. Her passion for explosive palettes and celebrated timeless
glamour and opulence stems from her middle eastern origins: Born to a Lebanese father and British mother, the
combination of classic shapes and fine quality tailoring married vivid shades, vibrant colour ways and bold designs
to create the unique and staple MERABI look. Nadine designs to create feelings and moments that you want to last
forever and this is exactly how she felt with her summers spent in Tripoli as these are some of her fondest
memories. Nadine recalls the rich smells, exquisite dishes, beautiful landscapes where you could escape the
crowded streets and most of all the Lebanese people's love of a bustling nightlife, once the sun went down she
remembers the flock of glamorous people that lined the city's streets. Nadine’s father was one of those people who
used to wear bright, extravagant outfits and he still is to this day her greatest inspiration when designing new,
vibrant styles.

This NADINE MERABI collection explores the thrill, glitz and glamour of nightlife. Every piece is a celebration of the energy, the confidence and the boldness that we each take on when the promise of an adventure takes hold. The collection encourages us to embrace a new daring sense of perspective to make for wonderful, perhaps untold, stories for the day after. If nighttime is when stars shine brighter, then it’s also when the Nadine Merabi woman feels most alive. 

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