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The founder of Izabela Couture is Izabela Krawczyk - a fashion designer with 34 years' experience. She has exhibited her work in numerous fashion shows and competitions across Europe.
In Spring 2004 she made her debut in France at the invitation of Lyons Le Village des Créateurs the Passage Thiaffait with a summer collection. In June 2004, during the Festival Consular "Lyon in the colours of the world", she also presented a collection of Izabela "Good morning Europe".
In 2012 Izabela began sharing her talent with the UK fashion industry. She has been invited to many fashion shows in England, including MFDA 2012 and Birmingham Art Festival.
Her designs have featured in a photo shoots at Bentley Priory for a Lifestyle Magazine, Grazia, QP Fashion and Industry Magazines.
Izabela's designs emphasise the unique individuality, beauty and personality of women of all ages, and are characterised by simplicity, elegance and finesse - all of the highest quality.

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