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Our fashion label, common wealth,  forges forward our individual blueprint of
bespoke, handmade, upcycled clothes that spin  on a couture-inspired platform 
underlined by a traditional crafts sensibility.  

An innate response, common wealth, springs from a gut reaction to redress the relentless, globally destructive pace of fast fashion landfill.  An ongoing, mindless depravity punctuated by the horrific scenario of Bangladeshi factory fires notwithstanding the abusive poverty cycle of global garment workers further hit by the pandemic.

The focus of common wealth, is to show and contribute to positive, proactive fashion. Seasonless style, still beautiful in sartorial and societal output. 
We seek to design with vision, purpose and ethics. The ethos of couture fused to the 
tailoring and crafts traditions of the UK.

Our style narrative strongly draws on the one-off, the handmade, the couture atelier fused
to the experimental and visionary. We reference London streets- its multidimensional,
multicultural melting pots of diverse communities; global heritages and overarching global concerns - climate change, threatened wildlife- especially the majestic elephant- juxtaposed against our very personal translations of contemporary Britishness.

Our go-to, with comon wealth, is to rediscover the oft-overlooked skills of seamstresses and artisans; inspiring and exciting accessory designers, established and emerging-  our renowned design/ fashion Unis/ Colleges. 

Working on a bespoke retail platform, made-to-order, our current customer base thrives on our one-off design concepts across the fashion spectrum- tailoring, dresses, separates, jewellery, millinery, shoes.
For common wealth, fashion today can pivot on a far more progressive learning curve. 
A fashion narrative that truly empowers stand-out style without further sacrificing our
planet, its peoples, animals and species. That strong design stems from vision to recreate, reuse
from rejects, voiced with resonance in contemporary fashion. That we can all mutually strive to save and savour our common wealth.

We would very much welcome further chats online and personal appointments to go through our collection with the help of the British Fashion Council Designer Profile website: 
and also at:
[email protected]
[email protected]

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