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DiscoveryLAB presents: Rhyzem

DiscoveryLAB presents: Rhyzem
"Rhyzem presents:A short film “Through Which They Glimpse the World”

Direction - Fai.leas Team Music Composition - Marcelo de la Vega Costume Design - Rhyzem Edition - Fai.leas Team Production Design- Rhyzem Team Footage - Rhyzem Team / Fai.leas Team Videography - Fai.leas Team Art Direction - Haixu He Special Thanks to Jon Elliott - Manager of Marcelo Discovery Lab - British Fashion Council

The collection is inspired by Eastern philosophical theories about the relationship between human energy and the environment, exploring the presence of fluid consciousness in space and the aura. In this collection, the structure of the garments is emphasized through the medium of transparency and classical photography, allowing men to wear transparent garments without exposing their bodies. Layers of gauzy prints, like the ink and wash technique of brushwork, collide with the softness and unity of wool.