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Story Wear is a Zero Waste Fashion Brand. Produces affordable, stylish and durable clothing and accessories that are handmade from 100% recycled materials by socially disadvantaged women. 
Our mission is to effectively upcycle, and ultimately reduce, fashion waste in Taiwan. We are concerned by the rapidly increasing amount of textile waste brought about by a combination of economic and social factors, including the rise of fast fashion, unethical and low-quality manufacturing, irresponsible marketing and profligate consumption. Since our launch in December 2018, we have successfully demonstrated that, with the right attitude and strategic approach, sustainable fashion and social enterprise are more than commercially viable business models. 
In Taiwan, fashion manufacturing has traditionally been a female industry. Largely as a result of fast fashion, tailoresses and seamstresses have been disproportionately displaced from their jobs and now find it extremely difficult to secure relevant and consistent new employment. Through our partnership with the Awakening Foundation and Ant Meet Cat Workshop, our initiative seeks to address this issue by providing new opportunities to unemployed or underemployed women.
We are committed to reducing gender inequality in employment opportunities and highlight the need for all segments of society to be more aware of this issue, particularly as Taiwan faces an increasingly ageing population that will no doubt result in increased socio-economic pressures.

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