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EX-A Studio was founded in 2020 by Elliot Andre, a designer who uses advancements in technology to create his concepts, final jewellery and accessory designs. When creating concepts, boundaries are never considered. The jewellery designs are formed from abstract shapes and by being experimental. EX-A Studio co-exists in a digital space that is also transported into reality. EX-A has featured in some of the most relevant focused forward publications such as Wonderland Magazine, Notion & Guap. That is aimed at today’s fashion-driven, music appreciating and creative communities
“Future Relics”, a 3D Visual Audio immersive jewellery presentation. Purposed by using 3D self-generated creative renders and by fusing syncopated music produced by Limited Toss. EX-A Studio’s latest A/W 2022 collection is an impactful gender-neutral Jewellery digital exhibition. That changes the way we connect with a virtual space. A brand that aims not only is to create compelling unique 
Jewellery, EX-A Studio reduces its carbon footprint by creating sustainable designs, and by incorporating traditional UK craftsmanship with technology. 

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London Fashion Week DiscoveryLAB: EX A STUDIO - Future Relics

London Fashion Week DiscoveryLAB: EX A STUDIO - Future Relics

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