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Emma Blythe is an American London based fashion designer and upcycling artist. Her work researches the ways in which fashion can be used as a positive force within the discourse on gender inequality and cultural harm.

Aware of the power of emotional memory and the need for slow, sustainable fashion, Emma is researching ways to repurpose old and used items that she finds expressive to subvert their original purpose in order to reimagine a positive future with items from a recognisable past.

Dedicated to cultivating a diverse and impactful community around her work, Emma Blythe collaborates across practices of fashion, film, and performance, yielding interdisciplinary methods of research and meaningful physical outcomes. 

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Photography by Bea Puppo-Amo


Fashioning Acts of Mascul...
POSSESSIONS: Collection F...


Fashioning Acts of Masculinity

POSSESSIONS: Collection Film


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