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COLONII is a RTW Physical and Digital collection inspired by a population of subcultural character avatars who have been conceived between the lens of Luke’s fashion photography and AI illusion.
The COLONII environment is presented as a virtual habitat with playable characters wearing the RTW collection.  

COLONII debuted its first digital RTW collection during LFW September 2023. 
Season by season the collection will evolve and grow with the introduction of new characters and diversifying capsule collections.
A physical collection is created using luxury textiles, fabrics and yarns coupled with handcraft surface pattern and appliqués.

in 2024 the COLONII digital collections will be available on blockchain with each piece associated with digital activations and live presentation events. The collection digital assets will redeem physical products in store or in association with partner retail vendors.

COLONII was founded by British Fashion Photographer, AI Artist Luke Nugent and FashTech Entrepreneur Founder Aileen Carville. Over the past 25 years Aileen has worked for luxury and newgen brands Womenswear and Menswear Fashion Week show productions and showrooms. Together Luke and Aileen have extensive experience working and advising designers and brands who want to reach and engage with Gen Z audiences and consumers through gaming, virtual worlds and blockchain.

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January 2024

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COLONII LFW Presentation September 19th 2023

COLONII LFW Presentation September 19th 2023



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