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At the University for the Creative Arts, we believe creativity makes global communities more vibrant, more innovative, more human. 
For 160 years, we’ve been passionate advocates for creativity, tailoring our students’ education to help each one forge the path that’s right for them.  
Our fashion courses at UCA Epsom have established an enviable international reputation for producing highly skilled and sought-after graduates, ready to launch their careers on the global fashion stage. 
We offer courses in Fashion Design, Atelier and Tailoring, Textiles, Fashion Image and Styling, Fashion Photography, Digital Fashion, and Make-up and Hair Design. 
Our campus in Epsom is a place to forge inspiring collaborations, broaden horizons, work with creative experts and shape fashion at the highest levels of the industry. 
The award-winning BA Fashion Design course at UCA Epsom has always had a good reputation for nurturing students’ individual creativity. A diverse and inclusive studio culture encourages students to experiment, explore ideas and create collections that push the boundaries of their practice. 
Our students go on to complete MAs whilst others pursue successful careers in the fashion industry, including Guido Mosch, designer and stylist; Noor Briech, designer and influencer; Ashley Burr, influencer and costume designer; Jamie Backshall, clothes and accessories designer;  Adam Entwhistle designer and boutique owner; Christopher Raeburn, pioneering outerwear designer; and Priya Ahluwalia, sustainable fashion designer. Graduates also go on to work at various design studios including Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen, Hackett, and Halpern.
Our graduates showing at LFW 23 are a perfect example of a group of young designers who push their creativity, mixed with socio-political issues and personal back stories, that resonate with the bold new normal world we inhabit. 

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Emil Sumovskij

Instagram - @esmvskj @unicreat...

Instagram - @esmvskj @unicreat...

Instagram - @esmvskj @unicreat...

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