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NEOUS is for the modern realist. Inspired by the the legacy and practicality of the Bauhaus school, Vanissa Antonious honours restraint and integrity in design and production, with Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy of less is more. Drawing on her art history education and aptitude for telling stories through image-making, Vanissa’s aesthetic is informed but non-conformist.

Made in Italy, with architecturally sound block, orb and mid heels, and easy elevations, NEOUS designs remind us to be grounded while eliciting the lightness and openness of Vanissa’s Australian childhood.

There is synergy between material and form, notable in the organic ripple and folds of leather, and the striking blocks and angles of the heels. Textures meet––wood, lattice and leather lasts––in surprising moments. The signature wood and plexi sphere heel signals NEOUS imagination; while an evolving palette of brick, banana, cream, black and navy, are interpretation of classic hues. Materials––from supple calfskin to hand-woven macramé––are sourced in Italy and leather is selected by hand for its uniqueness, tonal nuance and variations in marks or veins. So that this sumptuous leather, softens through wear, and gains new layers, like her layers.

The ancient eastern philosophy of Do––meaning road, way or path and characterised by learning from repetition––articulates the NEOUS drive for constant refinement and progression. We honour this through thoughtful and sustainable practices––by sourcing long-lasting natural materials and by using recycled packaging. Our shoes and handbags are handcrafted by skilled makers in our our Italian factories––we get to know each artisan for their individual skillset, be it pattern making, cutting, sewing or moulding. This combination of intuition, passion and collaboration is integral to the NEOUS brand so that a transparent approach allows the NEOUS woman to be informed in her choices. NEOUS is abstracted classicism through thoughtful practice.

NEOUS will be presenting their Spring/Summer Collection on July 6th. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

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