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MYL BERLIN's Fall/Winter Collection 2024, "I Will Love You Until You Can and a Day More," features a gripping narrative woven into the fabric of timelessness. It is both a collection and a promise of an eternal haven, a testament to the gentle journey of self-discovery, free from the rush of self-love's realization. It is an ode to the imaginative spirit that stands by you, lovingly, until you unearth the strength to love yourself. "A day more" symbolizes a commitment that stretches beyond the confines of time.

At the heart of this collection lies a refuge, a space where the pressure of self-acceptance dissolves into the background, replaced by the comfort of knowing there is an unwavering presence, loving you through every phase of your journey. This is not about immediate transformation; it is an assurance that the path to self-love is yours to tread, at your own pace, without the shadow of haste.

Each meticulously crafted piece serves as a reminder of this safe and comforting sanctuary. The collection embodies the essence of being loved unconditionally, without expectations, on your brightest and darkest days. It is a celebration of the chosen family that envelops you in times of doubt and cheers for you in moments of triumph.

A Family of Love.
MYL BERLIN is a monument to the uniqueness and the bold. Showing how preconceived notions and social definition blocks us from seeing the stunning beauty of diversity, its power to inspire and push progress. Every collection is thoughtfully crafted to astonish, to tribute the uniqueness that woes us, and to carry our message of love, as well as absolute equality.

What We Stand For.
MYL is about redefining old constructs and meanings. We create a safe space for those who are hemmed in by the constructs of modern society. The MYL Berlin community welcomes all, regardless of sexuality or gender. We transcend conventional boundaries. We don’t judge.

Our Product Line.
Every MYL product is created with the highest level of craftsmanship. The detail, materials, and intricate attention to utility and practicality are key features of the brand.

Our portfolio since includes
• Jewellery: "mouthpieces" (patented lip jewellery), necklaces, bracelets, chokers...
• Bags: fanny packs, rucksacks, tote bags, harness bags...
• Textile: bodies, dresses, shirts, ponchos...

Publicity and Sales Points.
MYL BERLIN was featured as an editorial in several fashion magazines. As one of the highlights we appeared in a 14 pages piece in GQ Style UK (stylist Luke Day). In addition our pieces can be seen in TV shows and movies.

We are represented in boutiques and concept stores world wide and are also selling on the big platforms.

What Our Designer Says.
I draw inspiration from anything, having taken a detour through product design, I love new manufacturing techniques, materials and patterns. Mostly I gather my ideas during travels, traditional concepts and in the nightlife scenes of the world - I usually have a little notepad to write down ideas even at 5am in Berghain (Club). I remember, when I was in my 20s, trying to find myself and one night in Tokyo I went to a bar and told myself I would make connections and I ended up going to a locals club and meeting amazing artists and talking about their work. So I would say people and travels give me inspiration and my drive to do fashion. 

I went through many years in which I did not dare to express myself, restricted and disguised who I am to fit in - and my fashion, my brand should help others not to have to go through this. It's empowering, it's pushing social-norms, and challenging definitions. I want to show the stunning beauty of diversity, its power to inspire and push progress. 

I often take inspiration by seemingly opposing ideas or concepts -  sometimes taking a stereotypical oppressive item and turning it into something strong, empowering and something you control. 

My brand is enigmatic, surprising but always wearable and accessible, because I want my message of equality to be heard. I am not preaching it, I am showing how beautiful it is. 

Est. 2018. Designed in Berlin. Made in Berlin.

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I Will Love You Until You Can And a Day More



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