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Founded in 2017 by Greek designer Ioanna Topouzoglou, Mashu was born out of a desire to create vegan accessories that offered sustainability without a compromise in style.
Embedded within the Mashu DNA of the brand is our unmissable aesthetic. Inspired by Art Deco interiors and Cycladic architecture, Ioanna injects a fun, forward-thinking and fearless approach to the design of each collection.
Since its launch, Mashu has been committed to driving meaningful change through sustainable innovation and ethical best practice, from materials and supply chain through to production.
Marrying a genuine passion for sustainability with a celebration of innovative and artisan craft, Mashu bags are the ultimate solution for those seeking style that doesn’t harm planet, people or animals.
The brand story, along with the mission to create style that literally doesn’t cost the earth, is ever evolving.
Join us on the journey.

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About Mashu

About Mashu