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At LULU LIU London we embrace craftmanship delivered by the talent and artforms of those who are composed by it. With every single garment and beautifully hand-crafted textile, comes a customized complexion tailored to the size, likings and preferences of each consumer, using innovation and the latest technologies every step of the way. All of which created and sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner. 
Experience through innovation:
LULU LIU London is the new generation of bespoke haute couture. We provide the extraordinary Digital bespoke experience, from virtual measuring to virtual fitting seamlessly. 
Thanks to the nature of bespoke and tailoring, our waste is kept at a minimum to ensure sustainable production. Our mission is also to unite on an ethical front by saving dying craftmanship and talent gone to waste due to unethical circumstances. As a fashion company it is our social responsibility to focus on producing high quality products with less volume, benefitting our customer, and our plant.

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