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CHŪNCHÉN is the eponymous London-based brand established by Chinese designer Chunchen Liu after graduating from Royal College of Art in 2022. The brand seamlessly blends the designer's childhood memories with the rhythms of the present life, creating a captivating dialogue. Drawing inspiration from the East Asia lifestyle, as well as the styles of uniform and sportswear, the brand’s aesthetic undergoes a transformative journey in a multicultural context. Traditional eastern arts and crafts, such as gardening, painting, and carving, seamlessly merge with contemporary perspective to create a playful yet surrealistic aesthetic.

CHŪNCHÉN root themselves in creative craftsmanship and organic silhouettes, gracefully presenting a perspective that celebrates femininity while embracing gender fluidity. By researching different forms and materials, the designer repurposes objects and utilizes dead-stock fabrics to conduct conscious fashion practices.

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CHŪNCHÉN Spring / Summer 2024


London Fashion Week DiscoveryLAB presents CHŪNCHÉN SS24

London Fashion Week DiscoveryLAB presents CHŪNCHÉN SS24

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