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Chun-Yuan Jean, the founder of C JEAN, is an alumna of the University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion’s Womenswear Fashion Design and Technology Master’s program. A former intern to Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan, Chun-Yuan Jean’s achievements have been recognized by fashion designers across the world. Chun-Yuan Jean’s graduate project designs were selected to be the performance outfit of the London Symphony Orchestra. Chun-Yuan Jean’s designs have also been featured in the fashion industry publication Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). Throughout her career, Chun-Yuan Jean has exhibited and won praises for her MA works at her alma mater in London and Shanghai Fashion Week. C JEAN focuses on womenswear, menswear, and millinery. C JEAN's collections have also been featured in publications like Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and other media.

The brand’s style combines the spirit of oriental art with Western contemporary aesthetics and is presented in a unique and elegant way. Chun-Yuan Jean’s designs work to create a narrative on art, culture, the natural environment, and various social issues. Using art materials, she aims to creatively transform abstract emotions into metaphorical, high-end clothing and accessories. C JEAN values materials, tailoring, and the simple lines present in a modern womens’ elegance and individuality. Besides her focus on high-end fashion, Chun-Yuan Jean is committed to sustainable fashion. C JEAN mainly uses environmentally sustainable, natural, and high-quality materials in its products and develops the brand's own fabrics in cooperation with Chinese and Taiwanese textile factories and the Thai Plant Dyeing Workshop. Chun-Yuan Jean's designs are loved by notable individuals and clients including Armani Beauty, Mercedes-Benz, international choreographer Hsiao-Me Ho, pianist Qingqing Ye, and celebrities Ariel Lin, Ke-Xi Wu, and Pink Yang.

Chun-Yuan Jean presented her first collection, "Movement In the Moment," at Shanghai Fashion Week and also showed her succeeding collection, "Break," at both Shanghai Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week. She has also been invited by the Shanghai International Fashion Federation to showcase "Break" at the Fairmont Peace Hotel – a landmark hotel well-known in Shanghai for over 80 years.

After returning to Taiwan, Chun-Yuan Jean served as the chief designer for a well-known designer brand in Taiwan. In 2018, Chun-Yuan Jean launched her brand, C JEAN. C JEAN, when transliterated into English, reads “Xi-Jian,” symbolizing hope and simplicity. C JEAN’s brand highlights sustainable materials while combining Western and Eastern silhouettes, giving the label a signature aesthetic.

As a founding principle of the C JEAN brand,  Chun-Yuan Jean integrates the unforgettable memories she has of such experiences into her work, emphasizing the essence of being a “maker.” Chun-Yuan Jean truly believes that the meaning of design is to express one’s emotions because emotions make the world a better place. To designer Chun-Yuan Jean, creation is also an act of “discovery.” Without the desire to discover, beautiful things remain hidden.

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