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BAV TAiLOR | holistic luxury - a hymn to the beauty of our world, through the mantra 'respect your body+ your sphere', BAV TAiLOR encourages holistic living and love of our mind, body, and ātman - the soul, whilst nurturing the sphere that surrounds us.

The BAV TAiLOR sphere offers bespoke services for soulful clothing and shanti wellness accessories to enhance sacred spaces, retreats, spas, hoteliers, yachts, restaurateurs, sanctuary spaces. 

Discover our complete holistic lifestyle range:
o slow-living clothing
o spirit nurturing accessories
o sacred space homeware
o energy flow furniture
o aura enhancing inner rituals 
o conscious consultancy

Designed with purpose, rather than superfluous. 

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav Tailor, the Founder and Conscious Creative of her namesake brand, upholds the tradition of her ancestors and Grandfathers, great Sartorialists, sourcing materials from suppliers and tailoring, which encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards. 

The value-driven company possesses a spiritual philosophy that embraces since it’s foundation in 2013, a conscious 360° manifesto towards circular design, new-age materials, ethical and transparent supply chains, social contributions, and inner ecology teachings allowing oneself to connect with their inner purpose.

A Member of Positive Luxury [shortlisted Social Innovator Award 2023], officially re-certified with the Butterfly Mark for a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and since inception, a member of Common Objective [CO Leader Award 2022]. 

Winner of the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023 - Small Business Health, Wellness & Beauty, and shortlisted for the Drapers Sustainable Fashion 2023 Best Carbon Footprint Initiative, BAV TAILOR through the values of respect, trust, integrity and honesty has built her conscious network of relationships and her hygge vision that continues to organically evolve.

respect your body + your sphere

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suci spirit polo shir t

suci spirit polo shirt

prana spirit jacket & trousers

prana spirit jacket & trousers

lokya spirit coat

prana spirit coat

suci ananda dress

lokya spirit jumper

shanti spirit bathrobe

shanti spirit bathrobe

lokya crochet jumper

lokya crochet waistcoat

lokya crochet waistcoat

suci spirit top

shanti spirit kaf tan robe

shanti spirit kaf tan robe

shanti spirit kaftan robe

shanti spirit robe short

suci spirit top

shakti pravara jumpsuit







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