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ACCIDENTAL CUTTING is a fashion brand founded by the architect and fashion designer Eva Iszoro, the author of a new experimental pattern cutting method: Accidental Cutting, focused on finding, not looking for, non-existent volumes, through abstract, random and accidental cuts and patterns. Those three-dimensional shapes are applicable to any kind of design, not only fashion.  
She holds the first PhD Thesis, that analyzes the new phenomenon of creative and experimental pattern cutting, in a global and general way from a methodological approach of design practice. The Accidental Cutting method is theoretically based on Chapter V of her PhD thesis ( The thesis received the qualification of Cum Laude and the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, promotion 2015/2016. More information about the research carried out in:
During the Covid 19 lockdown Eva Iszoro started to explore the virtual 3D construction. Last six collections: “APOCALYPSE – the new reality” SS-21, and “KONSUM aw 21/22”,  "ACCIDENTAL CUT" SS22,  "UPSIDE DOWN- our world our time" AW22/23, "EMPTINESS" SS 23,  "ELEMENTS" aw 23/24  were created with specific 3D software. The new collection ENJOY! also incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the creative process. 

The physical fashion product is questioned as the only one likely to be sold, to generate income for a fashion brand or audiovisual artist. Fashion is more open than ever to making profits in other fields such as cinema, video games or advertising. They are also conceived as digital pieces of art,  in this sense, fashion becomes a virtual sculptural volume in motion. 

The virtual shows SS-21 and AW- 21/22 received the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Spain, and SS-22, AW 22-23 and SS 2023 received the support of the City Hall of Madrid. 

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ENJOY! SS 2024



"ENJOY!" SS 2024
"ELEMENTS" AW 2023/24
“UPSIDE DOWN” our world, ...

"ENJOY!" SS 2024

"ELEMENTS" AW 2023/24


“UPSIDE DOWN” our world, our time, AW 2022/23

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