Wesley Harriott

Wesley Harriott

Tottenham born designer Ricky Wesley Harriott is back for another season with his eagerly anticipated AW19 Collection entitled "Sixth Rank." While previous seasons have seen the brand's collections arise from a place of social frustration, AW19 sees the designer using his work as an escape from the narrative of his last collection.


The initial concept behind the collection is drawn from the captivating story of the Empress, Dowager Cixi, and how she was depicted in the book ‘Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China' by author Jung Chang. This story has enriched the collection's aesthetic with imagination and fantasy. Many elements of the Wesley woman can be seen in the Empress, with her ability to be wholly feminine not allowing beauty and sexuality to die in the midst of her duty as a leader. The collection interprets the black and white persona of Cixi into a modern re-imagining. Alongside this narrative, the subtext of this figure was the balance of being regarded a woman of glamour, decadence and femininity but also feared and respected above her male counterparts. 

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