Retell is a peer to peer rental platform for both women and menswear. We aim to make fashion circular as we believe that the way we are consuming fashion and producing new items is not healthy for us nor our environment. Water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals, increasing levels of textile waste, and the scrutiny that garment workers go through are some of the pressing issues that we genuinely care about. The urgency to act on these issues woke up an ambition in us – to bring circular fashion to our city and the world. We believe that we all tell a story about how we wear a specific piece of clothing. The uniqueness stands in the way we decide to style it, in the way our body moves, our mood, the way we express ourselves and how we take care of it. That is what we want to celebrate, the stories we wear. That's how our name(Retell) was born - to retell a story through someone else's item of clothing. We are a marketplace where you can firsthand try something old, something new and something borrowed. 

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Anita Selmani
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Anita Selmani
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