VITELLI is an Italian knitwear brand.

Inspired by youth culture and the Italian style of today.

From the "knitting" to the packaging, the independent laboratories of Vicenza represent the know-how and the care of the finest products.

Vitelli uses only the best Italian yarns including Cariaggi, Loro Piana, Zegna Baruffa and Lineapiù.

Every year Vitelli presents two collections and two capsules.

The first Vitelli collections are inspired by the Italian "Cosmic" style (1980-1984), a peaceful and anti-ideological movement that grew at the end of the Years of Lead with the motto "music is culture".

Gioventù Cosmica (Cosmic Youth) was born in 1980 with the opening of the Cosmic club of Lazise and other "baiose" discos (Gabicce Bay) including Melodj Mecca, Typhoon, later Chicago, Vinavil, Spleen, Les Cigales, Arlecchino, and finally Xenox. Each club had a resident, often "hosted" by other cosmic clubs to consolidate both the fame and belonging of each one.

The spaces had a capacity of a few hundred people, so all the ‘cosmics' spent the night in the parking lot or on the beach listening to the mix-tapes of the previous weekend.

Recordings of taped sets were a key vehicle for spreading the cosmic mentality throughout Northern and Central Italy.

In the summer of 1983 the Rimini stadium hosted the first "Woodstock Dj": everyone gathered for an all-nighter historian, who led many "disco" locals to become generalist "afro" clubs.

Vitelli was born out this spirit of nostalgia and is today a contemporary brand which follows the modern Italian culture expanding to the whole Universe.

Via Felice Casati 32 Milano 20124