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 Sinead Gorey, born and bred in South East London and a recent graduate from the LCF Womenswear course. Her brand is a fusion of technical rave wear and tailoring. Her brand has been worn by relevant figures such as Zara Larson, Tiffany Calver, Shy girl, Jorja Smith, Nilufer Yanya and more. Her most recent collection is a nostalgic nod to her years of growing up around the London squat raving scene, creating garments for the new age matured raver.
 ‘'Due to technological advances, the squat party scene is suffering. Police are able to tap into the communication line and shut off a party before it has even began''
Through her branding she brings together fashion and futuristic rave culture. Focusing on designing functionally for a cult of ravers who are innovative in the way that they think in the current political climate. SS20 revolves around sexual empowerment, spiritual fulfilment, technical fabrications and nostalgic elevation.
A bold silhouette inspired by the asymmetric psychedelic décor that domes over illegal forest parties, combined with functional elements designed for an active lifestyle.  Vivid optical prints made from original images of stretch décor, digitally printed onto breathable Lycra. Working alongside an artist who creates the décor for the raves that she attends to inform asymmetric and interesting pattern cutting techniques.


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Sinead Gorey
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Sinead Gorey
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