Lylie's Sustainable Jewellery


Lylie's is a disruptor in the fine jewellery industry, crafting its treasures from Salvaged Gold and Salvaged Silver which is recycled from electronic waste. E-mining is the future of gold mining, with a recent study stating the following: "If you were to mine 1 ton of earths ore, you would get a yield of >30g of gold. If you were to mine 1 ton of e-waste, you would get a yield of over 300g of gold".

Lylie's has a hallmark, stamped by the Assay office, to prove its made from recycled electronics. Antique diamonds are used in combination with man-made gemstones and marine cultured pearls.

Lylie's is a female-run company, manufacturing in the UK and approaching its second birthday. It has enjoyed press from the likes of Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar, Wired and The Financial Times. Lylie's will launch it's SS20 collection, The Anatomy of a Medieval Shipwreck, on 3 October.

98 Gatliff Close
Gatliff Road
London SW1W 8QH