Janislav Solovjov
Janislav Solovjob is originally from Tallin, Estonia and his fashion label ÖÖ is located in Bournemouth. ÖÖ translates from Estonian as "night". Nowadays the fashion industry's reality is darkness, being non-sustainable and irresponsible to the environment. ÖÖ looks into the future, combining sustainable technologies in garment engineering and manufacturing, natural fabrics and Estonian heritage.


Janislav's collection was created with digital pattern cutting using Lectra and CLO software to minimise on pattern paper. He also a minimised toiling process trying all garments in 3D on FLO software first. All lay plans were made digitally which helped to save on fabrics waste and the components of the collection including buttons and fastening are vintage, some as far back at the 19th Century.
The connection between Estonian folk celebration and contemporary dance gave birth to his collection. Dancing steps of Martha Graham and Maya Plisetskaya inspired draping, lightness of fabrics and flightiness of silhouettes. The 19th century coloured postcards of Estonian traditional clothes influenced the colour palette and prints, while the folk garments worn by peasants in Estonia played a big role in his design. Their reflection can be found in embroidery, garment structure and silhouette. The collection is made from 100% natural base fabrics.

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