Ancuta Sarca

Ancuta Sarca

Ancuta Sarca is a Romanian-born/ London-based designer who gained international recognition after upcycling old trainers and vintage heels and being an advocate for sustainable fashion, resisting fast fashion and proposing her upcycled kitten heels as an eco-friendly alternative instead.

Ancuta has studied BA and MA in Fashion Design in Romania, during her Master's studies she did a placement work for the British label Meadham Kirchhoff and straight after her graduation she started working as a designer for Ashish in London. After 3 years working there she decided to embark on a journey to grow her own personal vision and starting working on her own label.

As noted by Jen Nurick for Vogue Australia, "A master's graduate with a degree in fashion, with work experience at Meadham Kirchhoff and hours clocked as an assistant designer at Ashish, Sarca is now venturing out on her own, foraying into ready-to-wear and shoes that have quickly garnered a following. By fusing old and new, luxury and athleisure, masculine and feminine, Sarca is giving old shoes new life, and inflecting each pair with a dose of humour for good measure."

Through her collections, Ancuta explores the concept of fake glamour or elegance made out of trash and making sexy/chic things out of something that's the opposite of that — like dresses made out of  upcycled table-cloth lace, inspired by the school uniforms in her hometown, a traditional town in post-communist Romania.

Ancuta's work gained international attention from press such as Vogue, i-D, Hypebae, Harper's Bazaar, Dazed,  etc. 

Ancuta Sarca will be showing this September as part of Fashion East

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Ancuta Sarca
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