Asciari's objective is to create a distinct and timeless style, based on precise aesthetic and cultural standards. As in the archaic Sicilian origin of the word, "to search, to gather, to create a meeting", Asciari conveys its essential and pure demi-couture aesthetics, unveiling itself through finest materials and a particular attention to details. A heritage of values deeply rooted in the founders: one brother and one sister, Pietro and Federica and their mother Marta. Since always passionate about fine fabrics and tailoring, they have eventually turned this creativity drive concrete with Asciari. Federica, designer of the brand along with the support of Marta, has the artistic direction while Pietro is involved with marketing and external relations. The creative work of Federica is inspired by suggestions and aesthetic-chromatic inputs coming from the most diverse sources: the pattern of a fabric, a book, a movie, a recipe, a journey, a piece of furniture, a fragrance, a walk in the countryside. Such freedom in the creative process and in the creation of the collections, not being related with a strictly fashion background is therefore authentic. It is not contaminated by stylistic dictates or current trends to be observed and taken into account, as it does not follow the ephemeral. It is rather a personal reworking and an absolutely coherent process over the time based on certain fabrics, often deliberately in their most authentic and primordial raw state, a color palette based on ad hoc created colors and a wholly Italian tailoring manufactory in which the detail is present even where not directly visible.

Via Cumbo Borgia 71 - Milazzo (Italy) 98057

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Pietro Mazzettini
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Mobile: +39 (0) 3481 529545

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