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Fashion is not an unknown field for Vasileios Borsis. The family business "Borsis by V&R" exists since 1974 and it is known for the high quality yarns, cords and tassels which are being produced in its factory in Malakasa and today the main activity is the accessories'design.

The family first attempt in designing accessories was in 1986 by launching handmade bags in the Greek market. Today the renewal comes through the brand "Chic&Unique" by V&R. Each one of these knitted bags is 100% handmade as the designer takes care of every detail from the beginning till the end of each bag. It is difficult for a bag to be totally handmade but we have found the way to do it. Our bags addressed to unique customers who prefer high quality and exclusive design products. Through an intense effort and many hours of hard work-it usually takes two days for a bag- the result finally satisfy us.

Inspiration comes through designs and knitting techniques well hidden in the "chest" of V&R vintage ideas from past times that make Vasileios Borsis unique in today's fashion world. With his own different kind of "knit" accessories and bags launches unique products from yarns with refined elegance and fine aesthetic against the difficulties of economic crisis. All fashionistas in Greece and around the world they would preferred the "Chic&Unique"by V&R bags with no second thought. The love of handmade bags steps out dynamically from the Greek "unique" in the exclusive kind of knitting:

Our bags are handmade,authentic and stylish. They refer to women in style! The knitting demands many hours of hard work but the final products satisfy both customers and creators. This is what we believe in Chic&Unique by V&R. Through our exclusive creations with our knowledge and fine aesthetic we fulfill every demanding woman of today!

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