Le Ninè

The brand Le Ninè was born in June 2016 from the initiative of two long-time friends, Francesca Ferri and Fiorella Polito: both were in search of a bag that was fun, unique and different from anything they could find in shops or on their travels. As a game, they created a style with colourful pom-poms and when everyone started asking for one, the idea to create a unique accessory for the city as well as holidays was born.  Something to make you feel special which is not only sophisticated but catches everyone's eye and enhances the style of whoever wears it.


The brand-name was created from the love for their daughters – big Carolina and little Carolina:Le Ninè is the nickname for both girls and was launched in Bari, Apulia, Italy at some private events. They started to sell their baskets in one of the most famous 5-star hotel-masseria in Apulia: Masseria Torre Coccaro. Viviana Volpicella, a famous Italian Stylist, Fashion Editor and long-time assistant of Anna dello Russothen launched the Le Niné pom-pom baskets on Instagram.


The main source of inspiration for Le Niné collection comes from the colours, scents and happiness of the Apulia region in Italy. There is an explosion of bright, strong colours; like the green on olive trees, the oranges from the long, warm sunsets, the tomato-reds, the yellows of olive oil, the white from the white-washed trulli (ancient structures, unique to Apulia) and of course the blues from the sea. Francesca and Fiorella found some very unique baskets made of seagrass during one of their trips to a local market and the Le Niné baskets of happiness were born.


Le Niné bags are designed to be absolutely versatile, in keeping with the style of a woman who loves an easy-chic look, but also for a woman who simply wants an accessory to shine. Le Niné baskets, enriched with colourful stones, gros-grain ribbon handles, entirely hand-made in Italy, give the owner a cool, fun and chic look. An accessory that is never over the top. The owner of this brand is never too young or too old, she can be 20 or 80! Hippie-chic also comes to mind, especially for those who like to play and experiment with their everyday look.


Le Niné baskets are a perfect accessory not only for the beach but for everyday life and add a fun, playful element to every outfit. It will surely not go unnoticed! You can be seduced by its shape and colours, selected in a very particular way by the designers, with no limits how to use them. The colour combinations of stones and linings leave a lot to the imagination for anyone wearing a Le Niné basket.


The Le Niné clients wear these BASKETS OF HAPPINESS surrounded by positive vibes and the incredible energy that comes from the region in Italy where Le Niné is created: Apulia.


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