Push Button

Catwalk show

17 Sep 2019, 11:00

Designer Seung Gun, Park of pushBUTTON has been the hottest ticket at the Seoul Fashion Week since introducing his first collection in 2010.

While preparing to study fashion design professionally abroad, he became a singer through street casting.

However, what he truly wanted to do was fashion and visual work, not becoming a K-pop star. So before preparing for his second album, he decided to create his own label while he worked as a model and stylist.

Based on his experience as a singer, stylist and model, he has a unique approach that is different from the conventional method from professional training. His clothes and visual come from his unconstrained imagination and these became the DNA and identity of pushBUTTON.

Seung Gun, Park gets his inspiration from movie stars and divas from the ‘80s and ‘90s, the most glamorous era in his memory.

This may be the reason why he is a designer much loved by numerous celebrities in Korea and China.

Through his delicate perspective, he infuses his collection with imaginable stories and sense of loneliness behind the flashy life of divas and movie stars of that era when daring and glamorous colors were mixed together and diverse styles coexisted.

His message is serious yet simple.

Fashion is genderless, and style can change infinitely depending on the philosophy of the wearer.

His talent is not only limited to fashion design but he influences overall visual process, web work, styling and space directing. In many collaboration projects, he does the directing himself with this unique creatives.

He has collaborated with 10 Corso Como, Puma, Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, Selfridges, Luisa via Roma, I.t , Samsung, and was the director in all of these projects.

Swarovski has invited him as the designer to represent Korea and exhibit his artwork at the Condé Nast International Conference.

His creative domain is not only limited to the fashion industry. He has shown to influence various areas including collaboration with the biggest cosmetics company in Korea, AmorePacific.

Seung Gun, Park is a famous influencer, having appeared in various TV programs.

Through the 2019 SS London Fashion Week, Seung Gun Park, who is talented in various genres, will take another step forward in the global market.

5/6F Parkland Bldg.
Daesagwan-ro 6-gil 5
Seoul 04403


Sales Contact

Miji Lee
Tel: +82 (0) 2 792 1283

Press Contact

Miji Lee
Tel: +82 (0) 2 792 1283


Gintare Pikciunaite
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7729 9620


Megan Screeton
Tel: +44 (0) 79 6981 1885

UK Stockists

Browns, London, UK
Harvey Nichols, London, UK
Koibird, London, UK (Will be launched soon)
Flannel, London, UK (Will be launched soon)

International Stockists

Needsupply.com (Will be launched soon)
Themodist.com (Will be launched soon)
Apartment 13 - Kiyv, Ukraine
Galeries lafayette - Paris, France
Hitchhiker - Milan, Italy
In vogue - Odessa, Ukraine
No 30 - Milan, Italy
Tom greyhound - Paris, France
V2 concept store - Vilnius, Lithuania
Hudson’s bay - Vancouver, Canada
Hudson’s bay - Toronto, Canada
Lcd - Los angeles, Us
Market - Dallas, Us (Will be launched soon)
Y2 house - Boston, Us 3ny boutiques, New York, Us
Cross street - St.petersburg, Russia
Marcellino - Minsk, Belarus (Will be launched soon)
Rosa fl - Sydney, Australia
Alothman - Salmiya, Kuwait (Will be launched soon)
American rag - Dubai, Uae (Will be launched soon)
Baby fair - Manama, Bahrain (Will be launched soon)
Bchu runway - Bangkok, Thailand
Bloomingdales - Zahra, Kuwait (Will be launched soon)
Journal standard - Tokyo, Japan Savant, Tokyo, Japan
Mot concept store - Astana, Kazakhstan (Will be launched soon)
Savant, Tokyo, Japan
Siam discovery - Bangkok, Thailand (Will be launched soon)

Artifacts, Taipei, Taiwan
Her - Hongkong
I.t - Hongkong
New yaohan - Macau
Chenity - Zhengzhou, China
Cheryls - Changsha, China
Cherry armour - Chengdu, China
Chic - Yixing, China
Erqie - Foshan, China
House w - Beijing, China
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Lf plaza - Dalian, China
Juhewu - Zhengzhou, China
Locat - Hangzhou, China
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None - Changchun, China
None - Hangzhou, China
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Ounuo - Zibo, China
Qly - Yuyao, China
Reel fashion - Quanzhou, China
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