Sonya Kashmiri

Sonya Kashmiri
DESIGNER NAME: Sonya Kashmiri

BACKGROUND: London-based Sonya studied at Cordwainer’s College, London College of Fashion.

SIGNATURES: “There is a strong focus on structure and shape, symmetry and detailing such as clean raw edge seams that has since become a signature of the brand.”


THE COLLECTION: “This season’s inspiration for the SS14 collection is taken from the organic architectural buildings of Zaha Hadid, such as the modern Art Centre in China combined with the botanical drawings of Ernst Haeckel.”

FAVOURITE COLLECTION TO DATE: “I think it’s always the latest collection you have done.”

WHO EMBODIES THE SPRIRIT OF YOUR BRAND: “A woman who is confident in her own independent style. She buys for quality but not necessarily for a branded name.”

Sales Contact

Sonya Kashmiri
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8320 2522

Press Contact

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8320 2522

UK Stockists

Henrietta Ludgate, London
Sixty nine b, London

International Stockists

Anne Willi, Paris
Baycrews, Japan
GoldnBouncy, Japan
Yoox , online