Merve Bayindir

Merve Bayindir

Merve Bayindir the eponymous couture millinery brand. Originating in Turkey and currently choosing London as their base for creativity and design bring a different and fresh take to the UK offering for the most sought after accessory.


Merve Bayindir, is a female led millinery brand for the timeless stylish woman who respects and understands quality and recognizes the art of how to wear hats. Chic and self-confident are the words to best describe the women who wear Merve. Those who do not wish to blend in to a crowd are the women Merve caters for, a queen in her own right, the Merve woman is a strong and striking female, echoed by the structure and colour choices for Merve's collections. The brainchild of a mother and daughter team, Yasemin Bayindir and Merve Bayindir, they began their brand in 2011, but their story begins many years before.


Yasemin Bayindir mother of two, graduated from Bogazici University in 1980, worked as an industrial engineer for a number of years and then became the partner of Baydeko company. After 30 years of raising children and being a partner in the family company, Yasemin decided it was time to break away and explore her own directions for both business and creativity. The journey started with a baby clothing line followed by the opening of a successful online retailer.


Then with a reasonable break taken out to pursue her passion for painting, she decided to re-enter the fashion world, seeing the potential for creating a fashion brand with her daughter's creativity and her own business strengths. Merve Bayindir, daughter of Yasemin, graduated from York University in 2004, and enjoyed a career in Psychology for a number of years. During her time working for her father's architecture company, Merve discovered the joy of creating and design, which eventually lead to a full time creative and styling role in her mother’s organization.


Design led, Merve went on to develop in her own directions. After an experiential time working with other successful brands in Turkey, she joined forces with her mum, Merve pursuing her passion for creativity in headwear. Together they paved the way for the birth of Merve Bayindir couture millinery. The team have since gone from strength to strength leading the way to ground breaking, innovative designs, received to high acclaim for the past 6 years on the catwalks of Turkey, London and beyond.


The brand is a household name on the lips of all celebrity and socialites alike in their home region, and Merve Bayindir millinery has graced the heads of the most influential and admired women, trendsetters, with their social media reach travelling worldwide. With an impressive following, they continue to hold their place in the market as innovators and inspiration to the masses with a full range of collections including Occasionwear to Bridal to true show stopping statement pieces. They explore the ongoing debate between architecture and fashion in the most inspired ways.

2 Felixstowe Road
London NW10 5SS

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