Le Kilt

Le Kilt
Samantha McCoach founded Le Kilt in 2014 with a vision of adding a dash of modernity to her family’s kilt-making heritage.

Samantha's grandmother has been a traditional kilt maker in Scotland for over 40 years and through Samantha's teenage years she would observe her grandmother expertly tailoring Kilts, trousers and other traditional staples from fine Scottish tartan.  Samantha has continued the tradition and re-appropriated the style into her modern wardrobe.

This love of tartan inspired the creation of Samantha’s brand Le Kilt.  The name being both a playful homage to the legendary Soho club of the 80’s and a wink towards the untapped, chic potential of the kilt.

Central to the Le Kilt philosophy is a preservation of traditional techniques, underscored with modernity.  Le Kilt plans to complement its ‘kiltie’ core with key garments and accessories in the coming season, all with nod and a wink to Samantha's, wistfully nostalgic Scots background. 

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