City-Wide Celebration February 2020 Application Form

London Fashion Week February 2020


The British Fashion Council (BFC) is delighted to announce that London Fashion Week will be open to the public this February. Sign up to the City-Wide Celebration and be a part of the celebration of fashion, community, diversity and creativity in the heart of the most vibrant city in the world, London. In response to the ever changing fashion landscape and the growing public interest towards London Fashion Week, the BFC created a new Fashion Week format to increase engagement and reach new audiences for designer businesses.
London Fashion Week will offer dedicated experiences for both trade and public audiences through one dynamic schedule. Known for its creativity and innovation, London Fashion Week attracts an audience of press, buyers, industry professionals and now consumers from over 50 countries who come to London to explore and discover the best creative talent; from emerging designers to heritage labels and internationally recognised fashion houses.

The City-Wide Celebration of Positive Fashion activations and events will be curated by the BFC in partnership with key retailers, cultural institutions and brands to engage communities throughout the capital to get involved and capitalise on the success of this global event. 

The aim is to engage with shoppers and make #LFW a cultural City-Wide Celebration that will introduce fashion to a wider pool of people, drive footfall into the capital increasing revenue opportunities for all businesses. 


As part of the City-Wide Celebration businesses are asked to plan a Positive Fashion activation or event in store across any of the 5 days of Fashion Week from 14th – 18th February 2020. 

Positive Fashion is an initiative created by the BFC to celebrate industry best practice and encourage future business decision to create positive change, which is led by three strategic pillars: 

Ethics – Focuses on social, environmental and business governance to drive a more sustainable fashion future. 
Equality & Diversity 
People – Represents the people, from the product makers to the staff, students and models who pioneer our brands. 
Craftmanship & Community
Community – Supports the community of talent, skills and craftsmanship that make up our unique industry. 


Brand Event or Activation listing under the City-Wide Celebration section of which includes:

  • Brand name
  • Brand website
  • 100 words description of event or activation
  • Link to RSVP or email address
  • Image gallery for activation promotion​
  • City–Wide Celebration Schedule link inclusion in City-Wide Celebration press releases distributed to UK and International press.
  • City–Wide Celebration Schedule link inclusion in City–Wide Celebration press release on
  • City–Wide Celebration Schedule link inclusion in consumer newsletters and emails shared with an audience of over 30,000.
  • City–Wide Celebration Schedule link inclusion in trade newsletter shared to an international audience of over 10,000.
  • Logo inclusion in City-Wide Celebration map used in digital and print advertising.
  • Official usage rights to the LFW logo in business window from Friday 14th – Tuesday 18th February 2020.
  • Branded LFW GIPHY’s to promote the City-Wide Celebration on brand marketing channels
  • Social media header banners


Please see below the fee structure for taking part in the City-Wide Celebration for February 2020. The below fees permit you to plan activities in one or multiple stores and are exclusive of VAT. 
Emerging Business = less than 5 employees & turnover under 500k = £250.
Small Business = less than 10 employees & turnover under £2 million = £500.
Medium Business = less than 50 employees & turnover under £10 million = £750.
Large Business = Less than 250 employees & turnover under £50 million = £1,000.
Patron or Partner = No charge 


For London Fashion Week City-Wide enquiries please contact:


Rachel Cooper, Senior Retail Partnerships Executive, British Fashion Council 
+44 (0) 20 7759 1990

Natalie Potter, Project Lead, British Fashion Council 


Friday 20th December 2019 – Application and proposal deadline.
Tuesday 14th January 2020 – BFC Announcement LFW City-Wide Celebration and schedule. 
Friday 14th – Tuesday 18th February 2020 - LFW City-Wide Celebration.