The British Fashion Council (BFC) is the sole organiser of trade events London Fashion Week (LFW) and London Fashion Week Men's (LFWM). Visitors are required to maintain a professional, dignified and appropriate manner. 
Valid passes and badges must be displayed and produced on request and the BFC reserve the right to decline entry, remove any persons from the site and withhold any passes to gain future entry. The following activities are strictly prohibited:

- Any type of guerrilla marketing 
- Obstruction of accredited photographers
- Photography of any product within the exhibition without permission from individual exhibitors
- Disruption of shows and/ or events 
- Gaining entry by using someone else’s pass 
Tickets to shows, events and presentations are issued by the designers and their PRs, please contact them directly.  Visitors must adhere to instructions given by both BFC staff and external designer PRs. Please note that all passes distributed by the BFC do not guarantee entry and access to any catwalk show, event or presentation held on site or by the BFC and its partners.  
Any conduct deemed unprofessional or disruptive by the BFC may result in removal from site. 
Upon entry to each event, visitors will be deemed to have accepted this code of conduct.